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TYPE: Sativa Dominant

THC: Up to 30% usually around 24%

CBD: Around 1.5%

Genetics: Cross of Haze, Northern Lights, Skunk, and Highland Oaxaca Gold

APPEARANCE: Bright green buds completely covered in THC and bright orange hairs.

SMELL: Alaskan Thunderfuck has a strong diesel like smell that is very pungent and skunky

BEST FOR TREATING: Anxiety, Pain Relief, Appetite, Depression and Migraines

CREATED FEELINGS: The buzz is strong, nice and relaxing.  The initial hit sends a sudden wave of relief down your back.  The taste is wonderful and up lifting. This is definitely a very stoney strain.

SIMILAR STRAINS: Agent Orange and Chemdawg



Buy Alaskan Thunder Fuck Online In USA

The Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as “ATF,” is a sativa dominant strain. It is immensely popular for a high which is quite different from anything you may have already encountered before. The strain can be smoked in the morning or in the day due to its uplifting characteristics. The buds look like crystals with spots of orange hairs and could not be whiter than it actually looks.

As for the smell, it is a combination of catpiss and a very strong skunk. But it does have a very diesel scent to it that cannot be ignored. When it comes to smoking the strain, you could not imagine anything better. has a very strong banana and orange taste, which will leave a spicy aftertaste in your mouth for hours. is not only the best strains to know about, but it is renowned for giving an immediate high. will make you feel a bit more talkative and creative at times.

But the Alaskan Thunder Fuck is far better at treating numerous medical conditions through its cerebral high. It is excellent for pain relief and for those individuals suffering from anorexia. Apart from giving you the munchies, it will do wonders for you if you are suffering from depression or stress.


Depression, anxiety and other mood disorders can gain some relief with the help of Alaskan Thunder Fuck, all without draining any energy or creating tiredness. On top of being used to assist mental health, ATF is also commonly consumed as a means to relieve pain. Chronic pain, joint pain (arthritis), muscle spasms and migraines/headaches could all benefit from this strong sativa strain.

Looks and Smell

. The green hues run the range from armed force green to patches of splendid, neon green with a couple of light, orange hairs all over. ATF truly responds to a chilly atmosphere, bringing out dull purple tints that add to the officially stunning feel. The buds have that overly chilly, dunked in-sugar look that everybody increases in value. It’s basically a ravishing strain to look at. ALASKAN THUNDER FUCK


The strain is presumably best use as a daytime alternative. The mind blowing strength this strain can have isn’t promptly obvious. Giving ATF the notoriety for being a creeper that slowly expands on itself until you’re in an extraordinary. Durable cerebral excursion that additionally brings physical unwinding in the interest of personal entertainment. The smoke from ATF is smooth and delectable and by one way or another figures out how to coat your throat immediately, shielding it from any brutality the strain may produce.

By and large

Alaskan Thunderfuck ought to be consider generally a morning or daytime smoking alternative because of its wonderful and elevating nature. This is certainly not a strain for starting or even moderate cultivators, as ATF plants can be extremely finicky. What’s more don’t react well to changes in atmosphere, and completely detest stickiness. So as long as you got those issues cover, you’re great. ALASKAN THUNDER FUCK

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115, 230, 28, 455

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    Alaskan Thunder Fuck impressed me on multiple levels. It’s all good

  2. Charles F. Mills

    I was amazed at the quality of Alaskan Thunder Fuck. I’m good to go. Keep up the excellent work. Man, this thing is getting better and better as I learn more about it

  3. Mathias Mayer

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